Serotonin - Partners in Grime present:

One year after their previous release “Decay”, Serotonin return with their latest endeavour. With the apocalypse right around the corner, the time has come to unleash their debut full-length “Antiphon”, first of a twin-release.

The first half of a two-CD concept, “Antiphon” showcases Serotonin in full glory. Featuring a wide range of raw emotions and raging energy, it moves from blistering blasts to slithering sludge within the ragged confines of the album boundaries. The scope of the well-honed lyrics crosses such limitations. Each of the observations made within finds a countervoice in its partnered song, reacting and presenting a differing point of view. Carrying over into the layout itself, the Antiphon concept can be found in its symbolism and citations strewn throughout. Taking inspiration from the depths of human depravity and stupidity, Serotonin model this disgust and disdain into a wide range of songs. Within their distinct and unique sound, based on black and death metal, other musical styles often creep up. Taking cues from industrial or doom even odd sounds, such as a slide guitar or putting a cello bow to the electric bass guitar make their appearance.

Having done some gigs as a two-piece led to a decreased interest in attracting more band members, purely for live purposes. As each of the gigs was a direct result of the previous one, it strengthened Serotonin in their conviction that their current line-up is in no way impeding their aggressive stance nor their presence on stage.

Currently, Serotonin’s immediate plans consist of promoting Antiphon through more live appearances. One of the things they are looking forward to in particular is finalising the standing invitation to Ireland. Additionally, the follow-up to Antiphon is taking shape and its outlines are already starting to appear through the hazes of time.

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